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commercial roof moss removal and roof cleaning servicesWe do not accept job application over the phone. We have a unique application process for job hunters that may be atypical compared to how other Vancouver window cleaning companies operate. Basically, if you’re interested in making a full-time career as a commercial window washer then please submit the email form below. To make this easier for both of us, we just ask that you include some basic information of why we should hire you. If we like what we hear, then we’ll email you back asking to see your full resume. Until then, there’s no reason to send your resume. If you don’t follow these instructions, we won’t be interested. We’re not always hiring, but as our company grows so does our staff, and we’ll surely be looking to expand our team in the future. What we mainly look for is experience in gutter cleaning, someone who can drive and be trusted to be left alone on a job site without a boss telling them what to do. We provide intense training because we have to, but also expect at least a little commercial cleaning experience. Good luck!

Submit the Form Below if You're Interested in Being Hired as a Commercial Window Cleaner